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    His knuckles were white from gripping the sword. His feet were sore from dodging blows. Link was battling the evil beast ganon. He had already possessed his human princess Zelda, made Midna dead and tried to kill him many times. He was now hoping that he had Ganondorf in his death grip as he danced with death.
    Suddenly Ganons sword came down on Link. It was one blow he couldn't dodge. He went down. Presumed dead by the onlooker Zelda. She gasped for air as her kingdom became lost to her with no return.

     She knew that she couldn't save the people so she decided to try to distract him in order to prevent them from dying for a little while longer. She ran into the battlefield. Ganon was laughing like a maniac.
      "Do you really believe that you can beat me, my minions shall eat your light by the the end of today…"
      Zelda picked up Links sword that was laying right next to his body. She was so into her protective duty that she didn't notice the light coming from his body. She ran up to Ganon and stabbed him. He in return grabbed the sword tossed it and knocked her down. He was too powerful.
     She began crying, all hope was gone for Hyrule.

     Link was alive,  Zelda didn't know yet, but he was. He was slowly crawling to his sword. Zelda is so stupid everyone knew that nobody but him could defeat this evil. Why did she do it. He finally got to his sword. It wouldn't have been that far away if not for Her. As he picked up the sword that had become so familiar to him nothing existed except Him, Ganon and the fate of the world of light.
     He snuck up behing Ganon and stabbed him in the back. He was backstabbing the one who had backstabbed two worlds. Zelda looked shocked.
     "How….." she stammered. As Ganon fell to the ground dead.
     "It was a fairy who saved me. One named Navi" He answered calmly. "What was that on the field. You knew that I was the only one who could kill him. You knew my fate. You knew you could have been killed.

       Zelda really didn't know why. So she just answered with her triforce part.
      "It was my duty to protect the people from what they couldn't defend themselves from. When you have a duty nothing can get in the way of fulfilling it. Not even death. Now the spirits must have the triforce back to make it whole again."
     Her hand was glowing. Links hand was glowing. Even Ganons body was glowing. The three lights began to fade and as they faded the triforce disappeared. A light appeared in the rubble. A pretty lady came out of the heap. She looked very foreign and had grey skin. Link looked at her in awe. He didn't know who it was, but she did.
     "Midna, thank the spirits that you are revived and not cursed." Link made a funny face when she said that.
     "Really" He said "its you"
     "Yep" Zelda and Midna said in unison.
     They had all came a long way now everyone could finally rest in peace, not in the dead peace, but the peace of having no evil attack them.
My first story. Yay and my first Zelda fanart. It is based on the end of Loz TP
trinaa123 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Student Photographer
Great writing. Keep it up
Pieplate Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Student Writer
Yay finally something that I can do really well without having to compete with my friends :D
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